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The HG 330-B has two heat/air settings (662 °F and 1,022 °F). The 16.4 ft long cable extends your workable range and is equipped with heating protection (article no. 165.036) and two air inlet covers (article no. 165.036). 
Weighing just 1.65 lbs., the HG 330- can be used for prolonged periods in hot-air applications without fatigue. The heating protection is placed over the heating tube like a protective basket. The heating protection prevents the user, as well as sensitive plastic films and underlying surfaces from coming into direct contact with the hot heating tube. This aims to eliminate the possibility of any burns and scratches.
Additionally, the two air intake covers are easy to put on. They ensure that the air continues to be drawn in unhindered when briefly clamping the heat gun between their legs or under their arm while working.
The leather holster (article no. 126.311) from Weldy is recommended as a useful accessory. The holster can be easily attached to the belt and is used to hold the heat gun during work breaks. This enables the HG 330-B to always be ready whenever the user is ready to begin working again. The HG 330-B is also suitable for repairing bumpers, spoilers and plastic covers, for repairs and renovations to the car’s leather interior, for repairs to plastic underneath the vehicle and for removing car wraps. In addition, it can be used perfectly to shrink cable connections and loosen screws.


Heat Protection device

16.4 ft cord vs 9.8 ft standard

Air intake guards

Ergonomic and lightweight for high productivity

Article No. *128.355

Attribute Unit Value
Voltage V~ 120
Power W 1200
Air volume l/min 250
Temperature °F 662 - 1,022
Size (L × W × H) mm 9.8 × 3.1 × 9.1
Weight lb 1.54
Conformity mark CE Certification
Protection class II ProtectionClass II

Type: Hand Tools

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