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WELDY energy HT1600 Heat Gun Kit (Plastic Welding)


Article #: 120.886

WELDY's energy HT1600 Heat Gun Kit (for plastic welding) is compact, robust and can be used for the welding of PE, PP and PVC.

  • Up to 1,112°F
  • Easy-to-clean air filter
  • Heating tube protection for more security
  • Carbon brush stop and heating element protection provide automatic protective measures
  • Handy and reliable

Included in your plastic welding kit:

  • 1 - WELDY energy HT1600 Heat Gun
  • 1 - 5 mm Tubular nozzle (part #130.632)
  • 1 - 4 mm Speed welding nozzle (part #146.740)
  • 1 - Molded plastic storage case

    Your hot air equipment for welding PE, PP and PVC plastic sheets. Example of applications include:

    • Plastic fabrication
    • Resilient flooring installation
    • Car repair
    • Pipe joining

    Type: Hand Tools

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